Cookery Classes

This time I had my lovely friends Clarissa and Daniel in for a cookery class. I am really enjoying these classes and it just confirmed what I already knew - I want to do this for a living.
It is so nice to see people's reaction to their own talents and to see the ingredients turn into something nice, tasty and comforting.
So the music was on, thanks my DJ/husband and off we went to the kitchen. Like last time they chose three dishes and the winners were - beat the drums and open the curtains - Baked Rice with Vegetables, Broccoli and Mushroom Burger and Strawberries and Lime Mille-feuille.
I think they look a bit scared!! :)

Ok, let's start - here goes the recipe for the Baked Rich with Vegetables

Team work going on!!! Here goes the recipe for the Broccoli and Mushroom Burger

We had a wonderful time, as we always do when we meet, so much to catch up but this time the bossy teacher didn't give them a break! ;)

Ok maybe a little break!

We realised at the end that another cup of rice would make the recipe hold better. So next time...

And a bit more of team work...

These burgers look lovely and yummy!!!

Well, we lost one in the battle (no name calling here), but there was still the desert to be done and as I always say, after the salty food you need a sweet one. Here goes the Strawberries and Lime Mille-feuille recipe -


They did really good and made the teacher proud!  Thanks guys, you two were amazing.

Until next time....
I have been playing with the idea of starting offering cookery classes for a while and two very dear friends, Milo and Thellius, have volunteer to help me practice and so a few days ago they came to my house so we could do it and I have to say it was super fun.
I aked them to choose a starter, main and desert recipe from the blog and the winner were (trrrrrrrrr) -Vinaigrette Bruschetas, Aubergines Pockets and Banana Pancakes. Well we also included Tofu Mincemeat at the end. What can I say, we all like a good challenge! :) 

We started the evening with a well deserved glass of champagne and jazz playing at the back, just as inspiration.  

Here the two of them having a well deserved bite of their first ever bruschettas. I hope they keep on making them every once in a while.

See how happy Thellius is? The hard part was to take the camera off his hands, but on the other hand he took the most amazing picture, don't you think!

Shopping list!

Here goes the ingredients and recipe for the Bruschetta Vinaigrette

They did really good and made the teacher proud!


Here goes the ingredients and recipe for the Aubergines Treats

Who would guess that after so much to eat we would still find space for desert? Well as I always say, after the salty meal always comes a sweet one ;)
Here goes the ingredients and recipe for the Banana Pancakes


I even had a go a flipping the pancakes but Milo was the absolute master pancake flipper


Well to sum up the evening, I really enjoyed running cookery classes and have decided to give it a go so if you are interested please let me know.

Well done guys and thanks again for you support! xx

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