Products I like and recommend

This a list a vegan products I normally use and like. You can find all of them in the UK but I know that some of the companies are multinational so you might find their products in other countries as well. I’ll divide them by category to make it easier and will update as often as possible.


The whole range of Vegusto fake chesse are good.

Alpro plain yogurt – this is perfect with cereal and agarve nectar
Alpro Blueberry & Cherry and Alpro Forest Fruits – it comes with four small pots and are a perfect desert
Alpro Fruity and Creamy Cherry – this is creamy and rich.

I know they are all from the same brand. I promise I’ll try a few different and will let you know my review.

Alpro Almond Milk
Kallo Soya Milk
Alpro chocolate Soya Milk

Both Alpro ones are fortified with vitamin D, B12, B2, E, D and Calcium
They are all good for cooking and drinking.

Booja Booja Organic Champagne Chocolate Truffles Vegan
Booja Booja Rum Sozzled Sultana

All their products are amazing!! It is hard to choose a favourite one, the ones above are the ones are normally buy.

Vegetable Cubes
Kallo Organic Vegetable Stock Cubes

I know there a few more out there but this is my favourite.

Single Cream
Alpro Single Cream

Linwoods Org Milled Flaxseed

Whole Earth Organic Corn Flakes
Nature's Path Organic - Mesa Sunrise

This is sooooo good with yogurt, you have to try.

Chocolate Spread
Essential Organic Frairtrade Chocolate Spread

Pure Sunflower Spread - this one is the best
Pure Soya Spread

Althoug both they products are good, I prefer the sunflouwer one.

Cauldron Original Tofu

I always have at least two at home, one in the freezer and one in the fridge.
Coconut OilBiona Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil

Washing Up Liquid 
Ecover Lemon and Aloe Vera

Multi Action Spray Cleaner
Ecover Multi-Action Spray

Toilet Cleaner
Ecover Ocean Waves Toilet Cleaner

Kitchen Cleaner
Sainsbury's Multi Surface Cleaner with Bleach spray

Bathroom Cleaner
Sainsbury's Bathroom Cleaner, Trigger Spray

Washing Powder
Ecover Bio Washing Powder

Fabric Softener        
Ecover Amongst the Flowers

Dishwasher Tablets
Ecover Dishwasher Tablets

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