Movies and Documentaries

Forks Over Knives
If you had any doubt that a vegan diet is the best diet when it comes to your health this movie will answer to all your questions.

The Cove
Here is the whole movie, if you haven't watch it yet. I highly recommend it!

Marc Bekoff - Animal Behavior and Emotions

The World According to Monsanto

Really powerful and empowering movie. Highly recommend it!

Chocolate, Cheese, Meat, and Sugar -- Physically Addictive
Neal Barnard MD discusses the science behind food additions. Very interesting!!!

The Last Heart Attack -- CNN Dr. Sanjay Gupta
The whole documentary is on YouTube, it is very revealing. Again is the science saying yes to veganism. Highly recommend it.

The MOST Inconvenient Truth
This movie question why Al Gore didn't mention the meat production on his award winning "The Inconvenient Truth" when it is obvious that factoring farm specially in the number one cause of global warming. You can watch the whole movie on Animals Australia The Voice for Animal's website. It is very interesting, I hope you enjoy!

The Age of Stupid
The most impressive quote from this movie is - “They questions I’ve been asking is – why didn’t we salve ourselves when we had the chance”. I've asked myself a similar question so many times, why are we not doing anything when there is still time? The answer to that, at least in my opinion, is that men is a self destructive animal. The movie is very good and Pete Postlethwaite is as always outstanding.

The End of the Line
The world’s first major documentary about the devastating effect of overfishing. I’ve watched this documentary many times and it always scare me because when they say that “scientists predict that if we continue fishing as we are now, we will see the end of most seafood by 2048” and can totally see it happening.

Food Inc
A very good analysis into American food industry. Although the movie is focus on the Americans I think we can all relate to the problems they have and specially in regards to health and the quality of the food we eat.

Fast Food Nation
This movie relates the exact truth about the meat industry and I have to say the last scene although disturbing should be played everywhere so that people know what they are actually eating.


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    1. Hi Walter, thanks for the tip. That is on the new platform I've been using since 2013 -
      Have a look! :)

  2. add 'cowspiracy'

    1. Thanks for the tip. That is on the new platform I've been using since 2013 -
      Have a look! :)

  3. I have just checked out the End of the Line website. They recommend switching to "sustainable seafood." There is NO such thing. Please consider taking them off the list. Perhaps you might want to add "Seaspiracy" instead, a documentary that gives a clear message for a need to an end to all fishing. And yes, please add Cowspiracy as well!

    1. Hi Michaela, thanks for the tip. I didn't know about The End of the Line, it's such a shame as the documentary it's quite good. I've watched and posted on facebook today the one you recommended, I loved it. Have a look on my website for other documentaries, tips, recipes -
      Many thanks :)

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  7. I have a link to this page on my website- Can you add the documentaries to the list, 'cowspiracy' and 'what the health'? Perhaps some of the ones others in the comments mentioned too, like 'blackfish'. Thank you so much

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