Friday, 8 February 2013

Chocolate Tart

These tart is ultra easy to prepare and takes no time at all. Perfect for those days when you want something rich and yummy or for when you have guests and wants to impress. This is sheer heaven!

250ml single cream (I normally use Alpro)
200g dark chocolate
10 digestive biscuit
1/2 cup spread
3 tbsp whisky

1 - Break the biscuits on the multiprocessor.
2 - Melt the spread and mix it with the biscuit on a greased pie baking tray pressing with you fingers so the mixture sticks to the base and sides of the tray.
3 - Melt the chocolate on the microwave or in bain-marie.
4 - Mix the melted chocolate with the single cream and the whisky.
5 - Pour the mixture into the pie tray and take it to the fridge for 1 hour before serve.


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