Friday, 28 September 2012

Penne Rigate with Vegetable and Smoked Tofu

I know I said that before but pasta is the ultimate comfort food. This recipe is delish, rich and yet light, just what you need when it's cold and raining outside!
The smoked tofu and the sundried tomato somehow make it all taste better and the Vegusto cheese on top is heaven.

170g penne rigati
250g closed cup chestnut mushroom sliced
3 sticks spring onions chopped
1/2 onions chopped
100g smoked tofu cut in small cubes
100g broccoli florets
10 slices sundried tomato
100ml single cream
1 vegetable cube
Olive oil
Black pepper
Vegusto No-Moo Mild Aromatic "cheese" to sprinkle

1 - Cook the pasta on a boiling salted water
2 - Fry the onions on the olive oil until tender
3 - Add the mushroom and broccoli and stir from time to time for 7 minutes
4 - Add the vegetable cube, smoked tofu and tomato and stir for another 7 minutes
5 - When ready turn off the fire and add the single cream and black pepper
6 - Mix it all together and pour the cooked pasta
7 - Sprinkle the vegusto "cheese" on top

Now just relax and enjoy!

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