Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Mushroom Spaghetti

This is my post number 100 and to celebrate it I came up with this deliciously rich and yummy pasta!!!
It has been a real pleasure to create new recipes and share them with you. I hope my journey through veganism and vegan food has helped some of you out there.
To the ones who don't know me, I'm a Brazilian who live and love London and my journey to the light (lol) begun 16 years ago when I became a vegetarian and that I stayed until the beginning of 2012. Through the past 5 years I started cutting animal products from my life bit by bit and at some point it felt as if I was crossing a bridge and stopped halfway through where I felt comfortable. One day after watching the "I'm vegan" video with Dr Gary Francione, I felt like a complete fake and realised that if I was really true with everything I wanted for animals and the planet that becoming a vegan was the only way forward and that was liberating. I am healthier than I ever been and really happy with my decision. It really helped the fact that Neni (my husband) decided to go vegan with me.
Since then I started a with this blog, I am doing a Vegetarian & Vegan Nutrition Consultant Course and have just started giving cookery classes. It is just the beginning but for me a better one!
I hope you enjoy this recipe and if you fell like it, share your story with me! :)

200g dried spaghetti
150g buna shimeji
250g chestnut mushroom sliced
1/2 red onions chopped
4 cloves garlic smashed
2 tbsp sesame oil
2 tbsp vegetable oil
1/4 cup cashew nuts
1 tsp sesame seed
1 vegetable cubes
60g baby leaf spinach

1 - Fry the onions and garlic on the vegetable oil until tender
2 - Add the chestnut mushroom and stir for about 5 minutes
3 - Add the shimeji, cashew, vegetable cube and sesame seed and cook for about 10 minutes stiring from time to time
4 - Turn the fire off and pour the sesame oil stir together
5 - Sprinkle the spinach on top and set it aside
6 - Cook the pasta on a salted water and mix together with the mushroom and spinach mixture when ready.

Sprinkle some Vegusto cheese on top if want and enjoy!!

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