Monday, 20 August 2012

Fusilli with Mushroom and Cashew

Ok, I know this is not a rocket science recipe but it can be very handy when you get home late on Sunday night (or any night) and only have the strength to cook something easy and quick for Monday's lunch. I have to say that I am not a big fan of sandwich for lunch, I know there is a big market out there that would hate to hear this, but its just not healthy. I also know that sometimes it can't be avoided but I try my best to have something better for lunch. And pasta it always welcome, right? This one is so tasty that in the end I had to share it. I hope you like it! :)

300g fusilli pasta
250g chestnut closed mushroom sliced
1/2 onions chopped
20g flat leaf parsley chopped
15 cherry tomatoes cut in half
100g broccoli florets
50g baby leaf spinach
2 tbsp cashew nuts
3 tbsp olive oil
3 tbsp Parmezzano
Black pepper

1 - Cook the past as per package instructions on a salted water
2 - Fry the onions on 1 tbsp of olive oil
3 - Add the mushrooms, parsley and stir for about 7 minutes
4 - Add the tomatoes, broccoli and cashew and stir for another 7 minutes
5 - Turn the fire off and add the pasta, the rest of the olive oil, spinach, black pepper and the Parmezzano
6 - Stir it all together and serve while still hot


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