Monday, 11 June 2012

Strawberries and Lime Mille-feuille

I find mille-feuille so elegant, the name itself is beautiful to pronounce so I’ll stick with the French name. I saw a different (meaning non vegan) version of this recipe on a magazine and thought “hey here’s another recipe to be veganised” and it worked.  

You will end up with more custard cream that you actually need but I’ve done that on purpose so you can put more on top when serving.

1 sheet of vegan puffy pastry (I use Jus-Roll)
1 ½ cup vegan custard cream (I use Alpro)
12 strawberries sliced
1 lime juice
5 tbsp sugar
½ tsp vegan spread melted

1 – Defrost the pastry over night in the fridge or if you leave outside de fridge it normally takes an hour or two to defrost.
2 – In a bowl mix the custard cream, lime juice and 3 tbsp sugar. If you think is to sour add a bit more of sugar.
3 – Cut the puffy pastry in six even small rolls
4 – Open the pastry and lightly divide it in three without actually cutting it
5 – On the first part spread the custard cream mixture and put the strawberries slices on top, fold the pastry and repeat the process.
6 – Fold the last part and brush the mille-feuille with the melted spread and sand generously with sugar
7 – Bake it at 180c for 25 minutes


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